Laws in Dubai for Nepali

There are certain laws in Dubai for Nepali that guarantees the right of Nepalese labor. This blog attempts to provide legal advice in a way that can be easily understood by Nepalese who are either living in Dubai or who are willing to go to work in Dubai.
The labour law in Dubai requires that all job seekers who want to go to work in Dubai reach to the government approved and licensed manpower agency and these workers must have obtained an entry permit for the purpose of employment. They must also have a labor card, also known as a work permit and a residence visa.
Comply with the Law
Employment relations in UAE is regulated by Federal Law No. 8 on Regulation of Labor Relations which states that hiring foreign workers in UAE must comply with registration procedure like residence visa. Also, in case of an employee who do not have work permission and company sponsorship, the Labor Law makes it compulsory that the employer who is willing to hire foreign employee must get permission and company sponsorship which is issued by Labor Ministry.
Labor contract is invalid if the contract is against labor law of UAE.
Labor Law ensures 7 rights which employee can get in case the contract is terminated:
Employee can get his unpaid salary
Employee can get charges for extra hours
Employee can have annual leave
Employee has right to gratuity
Employee can get an air ticket
Employee can get notice period for salary
Employee can receive a compensation for unfair dismissal
If the termination of contract is within the probation period, the employee cannot claim these above mentioned rights.

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