1. Labor Jobs in Dubai for Nepali

There is huge opportunity of labor jobs in Dubai for Nepali. Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top manpower agencies which have been regularly conducting unskilled labor pla

2. Demand Letter for Manpower Recruitment

Date: ………………. M/s Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd. P.O. Box 7531, Kathmandu, Nepal. Demand Letter With reference to our Power of Attorney e

3. Advantage of Hiring through Recruitment Agencies

Job placement agencies have since long been used by both employees and candidates. Many companies have recognized the advantage of hiring through Recruitment Agencies. Recruitment Agencies are favored

4. Identifying a Scam Recruitment Agency

Since there is increase in scam recruitment agency, you must be very careful to choose the right manpower agency so that you will not have to feel deceived. There are few things that should be conside

5. Laws in Dubai for Nepali

There are certain laws in Dubai for Nepali that guarantees the right of Nepalese labor. This blog attempts to provide legal advice in a way that can be easily understood by Nepalese who are either liv

6. How to get employment visa in Dubai

If you are in Nepal and if you are searching how to get employment visa in Dubai, then the easiest way is to reach to the manpower agencies. These agencies will handle everything for you and the profe

7. Foreign Employment Policy

Almost 20% of Nepalese Gross Domestic Production (GDP) depends on remittance earned from foreign employment. There is very low economic social growth in this country. Job opportunities are very limite

8. Best Manpower Counselling in Nepal

Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd. has proven to be the front ranking manpower companies. We offer best manpower counselling in Nepal. Feel free to contact us if you need to get any inform

9. Process of Manpower Recruitment in Nepal

Certain manpower law in Nepal has been fixed by Nepal Government in order to safeguard Nepali workers in abroad countries. In the present scenario, foreign job opportunity has become the most crucial

10. New Demand in Nepal Manpower

Seven Seas Intercontinental Services Pvt. Ltd. announces new demand in Nepal manpower regularly through its website . Also it publishes foreign job vacancy in newspaper once it gets

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